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Do you ever wonder why animals and sometimes our children lick their wound?

Until now, it was understood that saliva played a part in the wound healing process, though the extent of its role was unknown. A new study examined the effects of salivary peptide histatin-1 on blood vessel formation, which is critical to wound healing. Researchers are now taking the next step in this line of study using these molecules to generate materials to aid in wound healing.The findings bring to mind the possible meaning of animals, and often children, licking their wounds.

Cannabis use and its link to gum disease

The recent spate of new recreational and medical marijuana laws could spell the beginning of a growing oral public health problem. Researchers have found that frequent recreational use of cannabis — including marijuana, hashish, and hash oil — increases the risk of gum disease.
The study was published in the March issue of the Journal of Periodontology. Among the study participants, frequent recreational cannabis users had more sites with pocket depths indicative of moderate to severe periodontal disease than less frequent users.

While more research is needed to determine if medical marijuana has a similar impact on oral health, the study findings suggest that dental care providers should ask their patients about cannabis habits.”

Recreational users should be made aware of the impact that any form of cannabis can have on the health of their gums.”

Wisdom Teeth issues this summer?

You are finally done with school or collage for the summer and your dentist, parents or friends have told you to get those wisdom teeth out! Summer is a great time to get this one off your check list. As a younger person, your healing from wisdom teeth surgery is quick and easy. Keeping your wisdom teeth may cause many problems for you while you are attending school. The most frequent problem we see is a condition called “pericoronitis”, (a localized gum infection). Without enough room for total eruption, the gum tissue around the impacted wisdom teeth can become irritated and infected, resulting in recurrent pain, swelling, and problems with chewing and/or swallowing. Call us at (949) 888-0332 and get those wisdom teeth out this summer; they may cause you pain and agony while studying for your exams or taking a test. 

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