Immediate Dental Implants

Many of us hesitate to consider dental implants as we think it is time consuming and perhaps painful. However with immediate placement of dental implants, we are able to perform tooth extraction and place a dental implant on the same day.

Immediate Dental Implant FAQ

What are the main advantages of immediate dental implants?

  • First and foremost advantage of immediate dental implant placement is for you as a patient to undergo only one surgical procedure. Extraction of the tooth and placement of the dental implant in one visit.
  • Ability to preserve the native bone- This factor is extremely important since lack of bone in the area prevents us from positioning the dental implant in the most accurate position. By placing a dental implant immediately after an extraction, we are able to preserve the bone within the jaw, therefore eliminating the need to perform costly bone grafting procedures.
  • Save time and money- By placing an immediate dental implant, you do not need to return months later following a tooth extraction to receive your dental implant. This process may add unnecessary time and cost for you.
  • The duration of the entire treatment is very short as compared to the normal process plus less time is required for the healing.

When do we avoid placing immediate dental implants?

  • Infection at the extraction site, maybe one of the main reasons to avoid placing immediate dental implants.
  • Insufficient bone at the extraction site may prevent accurate placement of dental implants. In this case bone grafting procedure will be performed prior to dental implant placement.
  • On rare instances, there may be a suspicious lesion in the area needing a biopsy. It may be advised to defer dental implant placement in this situation.

How long does the procedure for immediate dental implant placement will take?

  • Extraction of a tooth and placement of an immediate dental implant may take 30-60 minutes.
  • The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

What foods I should avoid after an immediate dental implant?

  • Foods like apples, carrots, radish or anything hard should be avoided as the post is required to get fully attached to the jaw in this one month period. It is not wrong to mention that immediate dental implants are a latest development in the field of dentistry.

As we all know, dental implants are a successful way of getting new teeth in place of the missing ones or stabilizing your dentures. The typical dental implants process takes three to six months and requires a bit of care and time. But with immediate dental implants you are not required to wait very long. You get a temporary crown attached on the very same day and then you need to visit the dentist about a month later to get a permanent tooth.