Restylane® Silk

Restylane® Silk is the newest HA (hyaluronic acid) soft tissue filler to gain FDA approval. While it gained its FDA approval in June 2014, it has been used in Canada and Europe for several years. Restylane® Silk is the newest filler in the family of Restylane® products, and is formulated with lidocaine for added comfort during treatment.

What makes Restylane® Silk different?

Restylane Silk facial fillerThe loss of volume is one of the hallmarks of facial aging. This occurs in varying degrees of severity, and can lead to significant changes in the facial appearance. One of the most noticeable changes is the loss of cheekbone definition. Historically, this was addressed with surgery to tighten the overlying skin and lift the deeper soft tissues. More recently, volumizing fillers have been used to provide a similar “lift” without surgery. The goal is to restore volume in the midface to create a natural, youthful face.

Restylane® Silk is the first filler formulated with lidocaine that is FDA approved specifically to for rejuvenation of the lips and lines around the mouth. Like the well-established Restylane® filler, Restylane® Silk is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler made from long chains of sugars that occur naturally in the skin. It is uniquely formulated and cross-linked to create a softer consistency that fills in lines with a very natural look. And since it is an HA filler, it can be carefully molded and shaped into the desired contour after injection.

Are You A Candidate For Restylane® Silk?

Restylane Silk facial injectionAnyone who desires non-surgical lip augmentation, as well as smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, is a candidate for treatment with Restylane® Silk. This treatment can be performed safely on patients who desire immediate correction without surgery. Patients who are unable to undergo surgery due to underlying medical issues often find these non-surgical treatments to be an excellent alternative.

What Can I Expect With A Restylane® Silk Treatment?

Treatment takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to perform. The treatments involve very small needles, and are virtually painless due to the numbing cream and Dr. Bolourian‘s gentle injection technique. After Dr. Bolourian injects the Restylane® Silk, he then gently massages the area to ensure that it is properly distributed. Patients may return to normal activities immediately after treatment.