Initial Consultation

After your initial consultation at you should have answers to your most important questions and feel more confident about how to proceed – whether that involves a procedure or not.

To get the most out of your consultation visit, you may want to follow these two easy steps:

making a listCome Prepared

Make a list of questions that you think are important to you. Depending on the procedure you are interested in; your search might lead you to conflicting information. Fortunately, the consultation offers a perfect opportunity to get accurate and most up to date answers to your questions.

If your consultation relates to a cosmetic procedure, it should help you define the general goals you have for cosmetic treatment. Some patients have been considering a procedure for years and know exactly what they want; others are just starting their search. While a consultation can be useful in either case, you’ll get more from the experience if you have a general idea of your goals.

Come With An Open Mind

It’s important that you communicate well with Dr. Bolourian or Dr. Eslami; that means disclosure of your medical history, past procedures, and reasons for surgery. This part of the process carries through all the way to your recovery and results, and it will help us serve you better.