anesthIf you have severe anxiety about periodontal and oral surgery procedures, IV sedation or general anesthesia is a great option. We know that people who avoid dental treatment due to excessive fear and anxiety don’t get the work they know they want and need. Dental phobias are serious and we treat them as such.

We understand that these dental fears are real and addressing those concerns is just as important as your periodontal care. That is why we offer oral sedation, I.V. conscious sedation and general anesthesia. With oral sedation, a patient takes a sedative medication prescribed before the procedure, which may be supplemented by medicated air containing nitrous oxide.

For patients who prefer a deeper level of sedation and for longer surgical procedures we offer IV sedation and general anesthesia. As always our patients will undergo a full medical history evaluation and appropriate measures are taken in order to safely administer anesthesia during the procedures.